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Residential Service Packages

Service PackagesDescriptionMonthly cost
Interactive BasicIt includes monitoring with the SAYSE central station, as well as interactive services on the web and mobile application for the remote armed and disarming of your alarm, delivery of alarm notifications, system status and other supervision signals.$ 27.50
Interactive AdvancedAll the characteristics of the Basic Interactive and the ability to monitor the activity reported by one or several specific sensors such as a door contact or a motion sensor even when the system is disarmed. Receive by email or mobile notification in real time, when a specific sensor reports activity, in all alarm states.
Interactive Advanced
+ Automation
All the features of Advanced Interactive and home automation, including the ability to control lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and other Z-Wave devices.$ 30.00
Interactive GoldAll the characteristics of the Advanced Interactive + Automation, and the Image Plus Sensor feature, which allows the image sensor to capture 5 photographs when an alarm event occurs and additionally the ability to upload up to 40 images per month, during non-alarm events. alarm, when the panel is deactivated, you can define a rule for the photograph.$ 35.00

Commercial Service Packages

Service PackagesDescriptionMonthly cost
CommercialAll the features of advanced interactive, in addition, commercial report and access to the business security console, to manage the security of various branches.$ 30.00
Commercial PlusAll Commercial features, plus Z-Wave automation and the Plus image sensor feature (Described in Interactive Gold).$ 35.00
* Prices without I.V.A.


Basic package

Service PackagesMonthly costBimonthly CostQuarterly CostSemester CostAnnual cost
Residential$ 27.50$ 55.00$ 82.50$ 145.00$ 290.00
* Prices without I.V.A.

Telephone Line Services

Main Package

Service PackagesMonthly costBimonthly CostQuarterly CostSemester CostAnnual cost
Residential$ 20.00$ 40.00$ 60.00$ 100.00$ 200.00
* Prices without I.V.A.