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18 February, 2019

MIFARE family

MIFARE Classic ®  is the pioneer of smart media integrated circuits without contact, working at a frequency of 13.56MHz with read / write capacity and complying with ISO 14443.

The revolution began without contact with the road to numerous applications in public transport, access management, employee cards and campus.

A root of the wide acceptance of contactless ticketing technology and the extraordinary success of the MIFARE Classic family of products, application requirements and security needs have been constantly increasing. Therefore, we no longer recommend the use of MIFARE Classic in relevant security applications.

This has led to the development of high security product families: MIFARE Plus and MIFARE DESFire and the development of the limited-use / high-volume IC family of MIFARE Ultralight.

Products of the MIFARE family - Basic decision table

Tabla de decisión básica

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