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15 February, 2019
Wireless Panel Iotega power ip / wifi / 3G Alarm.com
3 June, 2019


$ 10,208.00 IVA incluido

  • USD: $ 514


1 IOTEGA wireless alarm panel

◙ integrated Alarm.com communicator

◙ redundant connectivity via LTE, Ethernet or WIFI ◙ compatible with Z-WAVE PLUS automation devices ◙ tactical keyboard for main security functions ◙ integrated internal siren ◙ includes easy replacement backup battery ◙ complete and discreet design ◙ High security 125-bit encryption AES with its wireless devices 2 magnetic contact sensor for ultra-thin wireless door and / or window 1 sensor of motion anti pet of 38Kg, wireless, coverage 15m 90 °

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