Alarm Monitoring

We provide the best monitoring service for alarm systems installed in your home or business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In addition to having the best alarm monitoring system in the state, we reinforce our security system with the patrol and physical surveillance service when an alarm is activated.

When an alarm is activated, our control panel immediately reports any of the following situations:

1) Openings or closures
2) Alarm by area
3) System status or test
4) Problems with the system.

The communication between your alarm and our central office is carried out in two ways:

Via conventional telephone line

The alarm sends a signal through the telephone line to our monitoring center, which also detects the telephone line cut.

Via GPRS through a modem in your alarm panel

When your alarm system is equipped with GSM-GPRS communicator, it sends the signal without the need of telephone wires to the SAYSE alarm center and this in turn will notify you immediately of the situation.

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Security Guards

We offer you security guards 24 hours a day, according to the specific requirements of your company. The number of troops required is previously determined based on a safety study of the area to be protected.


Our security agents division

We have an excellent service in the different areas that incorporate human resources as an essential element for the protection of our clients.
Our key to success is based on the selection and training of our personnel, on the programming of the service and on the constant revision of the work method. Through a series of personal interviews we guarantee, not only their efficiency as security professionals, but also their honesty, responsibility, emotional balance and psychological maturity.
Before joining their jobs, our security guards complete an intensive training program in legal, social areas (good level of human relations and public relations), emergency control and risk prevention, personal defense and first aid. In this way compliance with the regulations established in the legal and regulatory provisions, regarding the training of security guards and customer service, complying with the provisions of the Private Security Law. This requirement is essential for the proper performance of our team.

Vehicle location

Managing your units with SAYSE GPS devices, will allow you to obtain full control of your production and distribution chain, recover your stolen vehicles, and have the peace of mind of letting go of your loved ones, knowing that it is possible to locate them anytime. These processes allow, depending on the particularities of each type of business activity, generate significant savings and provide a better service to the final customer.

Manage your units to your liking and get a detailed report

  • Historical position report
  • Path traveled by the unit
  • Excess speed per unit
  • Places visited
  • Activity log by route or trip traveled
  • Distances traveled by date, trip or route
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Maintenance and Technical Service

In addition to providing you with all the solutions you need for your security at home and in your business, we give you specialized technical support and certification for each of our products.
Our selected staff, trained and certified by the brands we handle, is always ready to attend any type of situation that may arise in your alarm system.

Maintenance types

  • Checking and correcting faulty areas
  • Check of movement sensors and magnetic contacts
  • Changes of keys and users
  • Alarm communication check with our central
  • Battery change, system battery
  • Installation and device location change

Electric fences

An electric fence increases the protection of your property. It acts as a deterrent and the most intimidating for intruders, both human and animal. Our electric fences are quite discreet when installed and are perfectly legal in the state of Baja California Sur.

The operation of the alarm system

When the intruder makes land with the wires this receives a discharge, not lethal, but strong enough to neutralize it. At that moment the fence sends a sound alert through the siren, it has a backup battery in case of a power cut so that the device can continue to operate.

The contents of the package

  • Energizer
  • Mermaid cabinet
  • External siren
  • Components of the fence: tubes, wire, insulators, etc.
  • Backup battery